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Man With Nasal Problems

Boxer’s Nose is Not Just a Fighter’s Affliction

Certain injuries tend to take on names that are associated with sports in which they are common. One such description is known as “boxer’s nose,” as this type of injury often results from sustaining repeated blows over the span of a career. In many instances, the same deformity is known as “saddle nose” due to …
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Nose Repair

Saddle Nose Repairs are Possible After Surgical Complications

Feeling apprehensive about going through further procedures after surgical complications is understandable. You put your faith in a surgeon to deliver excellent results. When problems occur, it can affect how you feel about trusting another physician. One of the issues that can result from a bad nasal surgery is known as “saddle nose.” This condition …
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Do You Need Saddle Nose Repair After Drug Use?

The mucous membranes in the nasal passages are capable of absorbing substances, including both illicit and prescribed drugs. When in the form of powder or vapor, these drugs are able to pass into the bloodstream through the nostrils. Damage can occur as a result of taking drugs via the nasal passages. This typically happens when …
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