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What to Consider When Choosing a Saddle Nose Repair Surgeon

A nasal bridge collapse can cause health complications and affect your self-confidence with your appearance. Saddle nose repair is an effective surgical procedure that can help restore overall nasal function and improve your quality of life. Choosing the right surgeon can make a significant difference in the results you can achieve. Here are three things …
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Comparison of Saddle Nose Repair and Conventional Rhinoplasty

Saddle nose deformity is a condition in which the nasal bridge collapses for various reasons, such as trauma, infection, autoimmune diseases or congenital anomalies. Saddle nose repair is a type of rhinoplasty that addresses the saddle nose deformity, while conventional rhinoplasty is general nose surgery for cosmetic and functional reasons. What is Saddle Nose Repair? …
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Competing at the Wrong Level Can Lead to Saddle Nose

Being competitive in sports is typically encouraged. You want to reach the highest level in your particular discipline. Unfortunately, this can lead to a mismatch in talent and experience among athletes. As the saying goes, it is important to walk before you run. Coaches and trainers are there to guide aspiring athletes. That role includes …
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How Do Drugs Cause Saddle Nose Deformity?

The nasal mucosa (a mucous membrane in the nose) is easily accessible and rapidly absorbs liquid, powdered or aerosol drugs, making it a suitable medication delivery method. In addition, the effects of inhalation (snorting) are more potent and start more quickly because the drug does not have to go through the stomach and liver, where …
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How Does Saddle Nose Surgery Differ from Rhinoplasty?

The most obvious sign of a saddle-nose deformity is a decrease in the nose’s dorsal height. The condition occurs when the nose is too short or the cartilage and bone that hold it together are damaged. Such anatomic abnormalities can negatively impact the nose’s functional and aesthetic qualities. “Pug nose” and “boxer’s nose” are other …
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Non Surgical Procedures

Effective Ways to Quicken Saddle Nose Surgery Recovery Time

It takes time to see the final results of your saddle nose repair. For example, some people need one year to fully heal from rhinoplasty, the procedure used to fix a saddle nose deformity. However, there are steps you can take to quicken the healing process and make sure you get the best results. Saddle …
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How to Prepare for Non-Surgical Saddle Nose Repair

A saddle nose deformity can significantly impact your self-confidence about your appearance. Minor deformities can be treated without surgery if you are an ideal candidate. During this treatment, facial fillers are injected to help restore lost volume and height with the nasal bridge. There are a few things you can do in advance to help …
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Saddle Nose Deformity Caused by Overuse of Nasal Spray

When a stuffy nose strikes, nasal spray can be a blessing. Many believe that since you can purchase these medications without a prescription, they are safe to use and will pose no complications. But that is not the case. When you have a stuffy or runny nose due to allergies, sinusitis or another condition, a …
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Will My Saddle Nose Get Worse Over Time?

If you have the classic saddle nose deformity, there is a depression on the bridge of your nose due to reduced structural support. A damaged or deviated septum, broken nose, nasal valve collapse and other structural defects can result in this condition that may impact both your appearance and nasal function. If you just started …
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